Who make up Crypto Geisha?

Ger and Leisha San (GEISHA) are the creators of this project. Two illustrators who love Japanese culture, comic books, blockchain, and weird stuff. With that mixture of hobbies, we wanted to shape our project. It is about fun, colors, and creativity.

Now we are supported by a technical team that is helping us to improve.

What is the Crypto Geishas collection?

Our Genesis Collection is a limited series of 100 collectible Crypto Geisha. Each one is handcrafted, it is not a generative collection. Distributed in different editions: 10/10, 5/5, or 1/1 + specials.

70 – 10/10 editions

20 – 5/5 editions

10 – 1/1

You can collect just because you like them or you can play with our little gamification.

What does this gamification consist of?

10 clans have divided the territory! Collect, trade, complete clans, get rewards.

We have divided the 100 Geishas into 10 different clans. Each clan is formed with different ranks: 1 Minter, 1 Clan Chief, 1 Gatekeeper, 3 Warriors and 4 Dames.

There are limited and exclusive rewards for collectors who wish to complete a clan. If you get 50% of a clan you will receive one.

Completing a clan to 100% will earn you a Master Reward, yet to be revealed.

But, if I don’t want to complete clans and just collect, do I have rewards?

Throughout the collection, active since February 2021, we have always been giving giveaways and airdrops to our collectors. But there is also a reward for great holders. If you have 8 or more geishas, you have a reward, as long as supplies remain.

But don’t worry, even if you hold a single geisha, you will have your advantages in the future.

What happens to gamification and rewards once the Genesis collection is finished?

Our little gamification for the Genesis Collection ends when the collection is finished. We wanted to help complete clans or accumulate Geishas, that was the purpose. We do not rule out adding new utilities to clans/ranks in the future but for now, it will be paused.

Any remaining Omamori Rewards at the end of the collection will be burned. And those CGHodler House or Omamori that have not been claimed will no longer be valid (as there are no new drops to claim Geishas for).

The only reward available will be for completing a clan, 10 available to the first to get it: A Super Geisha Founder. More info soon.

Therefore, once the collection is finished, each Geisha Genesis in your wallet will count towards the next phase.

How do drops work?

Prices for 10/10 editions are 0.05Ξ

The prices for the 5/5 editions are 0.15Ξ

And the 1/1 are auctioned with a minimum price of 0.8Ξ

How do I download unlockable content?

As our custom contract is created in Rarible, you have to go there to find the link with the exclusive downloadable material. In the event that you cannot find it or there is something wrong, contact us.

When is the collection expected to end?

It’s already finished.

This all ends with Genesis collection?

No. Super Geisha is coming in 2022!